Saturday, July 18, 2009

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@TerryGahm if u want learn about bilderberg google bilderberg estulin. Bilderberg is the Oz behind the curtain. Goldman Sachs is their golden goose.
3:19 AM Jul 8th from TwitterFon in reply to TerryGahm

The most important thing we could do to change the course of human freedoms. #bilderberg #federal reserve
2:45 AM Jul 8th from TwitterFon

Must Read! "The Great Bubble Machine". Goldman Sachs manipulates every major market. #finance #politics #bilderberg
10:36 PM Jul 7th from TwitterFon

@KHerriage be careful of inverse etfs as they have built in degradation. Check the 2 yr charts. Good for swing or day but not buy hold.
2:23 AM Jul 7th from TwitterFon in reply to KHerriage

@KHerriage agree about stock market but not so much about gold. I think golds in a fear bubble. Why not just short market instead?
2:20 AM Jul 7th from TwitterFon in reply to KHerriage

I don't agree so much about dollar debasement. But good article. The Freedom to Fail:
8:56 PM Jul 5th from TwitterFon

Watching the Mark Levin interview on Hannity. If you haven't read "Liberty and Tyranny" yet, you should.
6:39 PM Jul 1st from TwitterFon

Mark Levin -"The President's policies are Bernie Madoff times 1,000" "He's dragging us into a SOFT TYRANY" on #Hannity #tcot #gop
6:39 PM Jul 1st from TwitterFon

I will not buy anything new at this point in the economy. As new things will continue losing value in this deflationary time. Saving cash.
7:10 PM Jun 24th from TwitterFon

I moved all my money in my 401k out of stocks and into bonds. Money market could be good too. Big rally will have big fall. Cash is king.
7:04 PM Jun 24th from TwitterFon

Will Amero replace the dollar? Not! Also read this article. Excllnt explanation of everything I say on YouTube.
6:59 PM Jun 24th from TwitterFon

Fianlly some proof. As I've been saying deflation not inflation.
2:39 AM Jun 20th from TwitterFon

@wprins I'm betting it's a bear market rally also.
5:12 AM Jun 17th from TwitterFon in reply to wprins

Who is calling the economic situation best IMO? Robert Prechter and Hugh Hendry are two of my favorites.
10:32 PM Jun 16th from TwitterFon

Swine flu no different than regular flu. Proof at Distraction from new world order. Theft by central bankers.
6:56 PM May 2nd from TwitterFon

The new world order led by federal reserve central bankers was predicted by 5 Presidents. Read before calling me nuts. Http://
3:14 PM Apr 28th from TwitterFon

@Reinhoren maybe not so paranoid. Check out what I've uncovered at
2:38 PM Apr 28th from TwitterFon in reply to Reinhoren

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