Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bears, don't give up yet!

Odds are, the rally from the March low will become known as the biggest flash in the pan, or sucker rally, since the Great Depression.

Socializing of America

The international forcaster article ends with these words ...

We have been informed by our contracts in Washington that debt failure, the bankrupt or near bankrupt conditions at lenders and the lack of loans available for the past couple of years suit the administration just fine. Mr. Obama believes that the more small and medium-sized companies that go under the better it is for his economic program. That means large corporations and government will supply the jobs and subsequent control of the people. Debt doesn’t matter when the goal is a one-world society, nor does unemployment. These Illuminists are going to rip this country piece by piece. In addition, as we said six years ago, when we said Fannie and Freddie were bankrupt, the government wants to end up owning 40% of US housing in order to completely control 40% of Americans’ lives. Once in full possession they further dictate how Americans will live.