Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Price of Gold. Investment for the future? Gold Bubble?

It seems to be the popular opinion that gold will increase dramatically above the $1000 mark, but I believe gold is in a fear bubble and will go down.

Most people are buying into "the gov will devalue the dollar with their printing presses." I say the gov has already devalued the dollar to a great extent through the fractional banking system creating money into our economy out of thin air.

We don't notice the devalue so much because we compare it to other currencies who have had the same practices as us.

But you can see the true devaluation of currencies by comparing them to the price of gold. Back in the great depression gold was about 40 dollars an ounce. Todays prices of $600 to $1000 for gold shows how a huge

devaluation of the dollar has already taken place.

The current depressionary, deflationary, like environment is the dollar, the stock market, as well as the entire economy seeking to be healthy again from its bloated, sickly, and toxic state.

The roaring 20's was economic sickness from over spending, etc, just like our recent past. The Great Depression and the 30's was the economy trying to heal itself and find equalibrium.

The economy gets sick when we overspend do to money being to easy to aquire. But just like a child eating a big bag of candy too fast, his body will reject the over consumption, his body will get sick and throw up to find health again. A depression is an economy throwing up and seeking to find health.

What results is a dollar being healthier, which means it takes less of them to purchase an ounce of gold, which means gold goes down in price compared to the dollar.

Other things would also go down in price. Hence the saying "The Dollar is King", hence the term "deflation" (..of assets / commodities).

I know many of you think I am wrong about this. Because you believe the gov's printing presses will win this battle. But the gov is in over it's head. This ponzi/pyramid economy has blown up via fractional banking, exponentially creating money out of thin air, which we have gladly spent, spent, spent into our economy.

The ponzi has reached critical mass. And the govs little trillion here and trillion there and other parlor tricks are minimal campared to the title wave crashing upon us.

Gold sustaining any prices above $1000 is like the child aready sick on the bag of candy, but we make him eat more anyway, and we convince ourselves he can eat more and more without getting even more sick.

On top of that, to say gold is a great hedge on inflation (as our history has been mostly inflationary), Then to say gold will also be a great hedge on deflation, logic would dictate that you cannot have both.

I submit that current rise in gold prices has been due to fear and misunderstanding (with help from articles written by gold sellers). But when people realize that you cannot by bread and diapers with gold, they will sell their gold, for less than the current bloated prices, for the current currency, which is cash. Then gold will head downward to catch up with other commodities.

Good luck to all.

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